We’re a seed company that aims to bring seeds back to the people.

Our seeds are organically grown, often heirloom, locally grown when available and only open-pollinated.

Along with our seeds comes a positive story.

Yes, it is true that a few corporations control 60% of the world’s seeds,
GMO’s are sketchy, and the world has lost an alarming percentage
of its heirloom seed diversity.

The situation is scary.


The good news is,​ there also exist a growing number of small organic seed companies. Better seeds are widely available.

There is ​a new generation of organic seed farmers building on the work of a few dedicated​ elders who never stopped preserving heirloom seeds.

There is an empowering world of seed waiting for our culture to embrace. This is the story we share. The problem is, this complex issue and story get little attention. Lineage Seeds aims to expose this story by repositioning seed packets and the way we engage and purchase them. Shining light onto seed farmers and creating demand for local heirloom seeds.

Lineage Seeds was born to help address this issue.


Every packet has the name of the farmer that grew the seeds on it.

Saluting the grower and allowing you to know exactly where your seeds come from.

We are working towards having seeds for sale nationally but supplied locally in each region. This is going to take some time.
We are starting on the Front Range of Colorado.


Current farms growing seeds with Lineage Seeds.

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Current farms growing seeds with Lineage Seeds.


As of March 2017 we are

  • Hand packing everything at home.
  • Looking for investment and business partnerships.
  • Confident in our short and long term strategy


Which Includes

  • Scaling our product
  • Selling online and through other creative distribution outlets.
  • Opening a public Seed Bank in Boulder, CO where we pack, store, and represent our regions seeds.
  • Creating a mobile seed vehicle outfitted to sell at events and in neighborhoods, deliver the product, and show up at farms and gardens to help with seed growing/cleaning.
  • Introducing a variety of other seed related products
  • Building a regional system of organic seed growers


Today, you can currently find us in several stores along The Front Range.

Today, you can currently find us in seven stores along The Front Range.

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For more information contact Jared Hāgood at